Good News from California

Numerous headlines about the California judge who ruled against homeschooling flood the internet. Thankfully, there is good news. (pdf)

Freedom from Fear by Norman Rockwell
Freedom from Fear by Norman Rockwell

Released March 11, 2008

SACRAMENTO – State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell announced today that the California Department of Education has completed a legal review of the February 28 California Court of Appeal ruling regarding home schooling. O’Connell issued the following statement:

‘I have reviewed this case, and I want to assure parents that chose to home school that California Department of Education policy will not change in any way as a result of this ruling. Parents still have the right to home school in our state.

‘Every child in our state has a legal right to get an education, and I want every child to get an education that will prepare them for success in college and the world of work in the challenging global economy.

‘As the head of California’s public school system, I hope that every parent would want to send their children to public school. However, traditional public schools may not be the best fit for every student. Within the public school system there are a range of options available. Students can take independent study classes, attend a charter school, or participate in non-classroom-based programs. But some parents choose to send their children to private schools or to home school, and I respect that right.

‘I admire the dedication of parents who commit to oversee their children’s education through home schooling. But, no matter what educational program a student participates in, it is critical that the program prepares them for future success in the global economy. I urge any parent who is considering or involved in home schooling their children to take advantage of resources and support available through their county or district offices of education.’

Liberty triumphs as parental rights are upheld!

What if it didn’t work out this way? What if our biggest fears came true? Mandi asked me what would I do if homeschooling was illegal? I’ll address that question tomorrow.

Via Principled Discovery, via Just Enough, Nothing More

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dana
    Mar 11, 2008 @ 23:33:21

    I don’t want to think about what I’d do. I guess a lot of that would depend on where we lived. I don’t feel the threat here in NE and either way, there is a limit to how long I would fight. I wouldn’t do anything to actually endanger losing the kids because at that point what is the point?

  2. Renae
    Mar 12, 2008 @ 08:47:51

    I don’t really want to think about it either. Much debate went into my decision to tackle the issue. Now I’m committed to it. Oh, the pressure. ;)

  3. Michelle
    Mar 12, 2008 @ 10:32:56

    Hi Renae,

    I am thankful for the CA Superintendent stand on this matter. I used to live in CA. The Super. before Mr. O’Connell was NOT homeschool friendly. I was thinking yesterday God does not want us to take anything for granted but praying always!

    NO matter what we have to obey God!

    God Bless!

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